Edinburgh festival fringe

The Oxford Gargoyles have delighted Fringe audiences for 14 consecutive years. The past few years have brought rave reviews, with a number of five-star reviews confirming the Gargoyles as a staple of the Edinburgh a cappella scene. Performing a mixture of jazz, pop, soul and Disney, the Gargoyles' unique repertoire is sure to delight. With their unbeatable musicality, slick choreography and infectious fun, they promise to leave you wanting more. 


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What people say

A flawless vocal performance.
— Edinburgh49
Charm personified.
— The Times
The stand-out a cappella group of the Fringe. ★★★★★
— FringeReview.co.uk
The Oxford Gargoyles sell-out performance offers the perfect a cappella experience; blending pitch perfect harmonies with a minor comedic undercurrent to ensure all types of fans are catered to.

From the offset the jazz influence of the groups style is on show, with a medley of ragtime classics, some even mashed up with contemporary hits, and the audience is treated to an exploration of what is quickly becoming a forgotten genre. This, when coupled with the popularity of collegiate a cappella, a movement that the Gargoyles have been at the forefront of for 15 years, gives a real insight into the passion of the performers, and the level of hard work required to make a combination of pieces work.
— www.edfestmag.com
From the opening number, the group’s contagious energy spreads through the audience as they perform pitch-perfect songs.
— BoxDust